Maintenance with level-2 Wax

Our Level-2 WAX is made from 100% pure beeswax combined with natural and essential oils that penetrate very deeply into the board. This unique combination gives an antibacterial effect to the product in addition to moisture and dirt repellent protection.

With frequent use, we recommend treating your board monthly for optimal maintenance.

Our WAX is highly effective, so you only need 3g. per service. Simply apply a thin layer of WAX to the wearing surface and leave for 10 minutes. Then remove the excess product with a lint-free cloth.

Why we are so confident in our product:

    • Made from 100% natural raw materials, without the addition of mineral oils.
    • 100% food safe with antibacterial action
    • Very economical to use, only 3g. needed per maintenance application
    • Does not change the warm colour of your board
    • Has a very fresh and spicy fragrance
    • Ideal maintenance product to also give all your other wooden kitchen equipment an optimal protective coating
    • Gives the board protection against scratches

Store our Level-2 WAX at room temperature.

Best before 2 years after purchase

100% natuurlijke Level-2 wax voor onderhoud van uw tapasplank