Why no free shipping?

Unfortunately, nothing is free. Shipping packages costs a lot of money and energy. There is no way around that. Boxes, bags, tape, labels, transportation cost…

Therefore, we charge €5.95 by default for every order less than 200€, within Belgium. Our cost tag is still quite a bit higher but this small shipping amount, goes a long way to helping us bear the total shipping cost.


When you place an order with Levelto vof, you will be sent an order confirmation by email (if you do not receive an email within half an hour, please contact us at info@level-2.be).

Payment options are:

  • By bank transfer
  • Mollie: credit card, kbc, ideal, payconic, visa, mastercard, mobile pay, …

Delivery and Shipping

We reserve the right to adjust our shipping rates as needed. Shipping costs are always clearly stated on your order confirmation and on your invoice.

There is no shipping charge for pickup in our studio (by appointment).

To Belgium

  • Within a maximum of 14 days after receiving payment, we will ship your package. 1-2 business days later, the package will be offered by the letter carrier
  • Shipping to Belgium is free for orders over €200. Under €200, you pay €5.95.

To the Netherlands, France, Germany

  • Upon receipt of payment, we will prepare your parcel, within 14 days of receipt of payment, we will ship your parcel.
  • Shipping to the Netherlands, France and Germany costs €8.95.

Shipping to other countries: Shipping to other countries, please contact info@level-2.be

If you are not present at the time of this delivery, you will receive a written notice in the mailbox and can pick up the package at the post office. If you wish, you can also enter your work address or the address of a neighbor or friend at any time during the order under “delivery address”.